Game Changer

Introducing the most advanced Recreational Tourism Management Software Demo Customized, state of the art applications for managing
your Unique Resort Experience.

World's First Smart Resorts

The World in the palm of your hand.

Social Media Amplification

Celebrity Driven Social Media unleashes the power of
+100 Million Fans


Augmented Reality Management: rendering location based data sets
in real time

Digital Access

Electronic ticketing on your Mobile
digital access solutions.


Keep that expanded Target Audience coming back for more

Available Platforms

from Smart watches to Billboard Displays

Apple Watch

Want to leave your phone at home sometimes?
Mobile phone died? Whether youre going for a trail run or just need a back up, multiple devices insure that you never lose touch.

AR/VR Goggles

How many times have we all fumbled around in our jacket for the Ski Map?
Stopped biking to check the trailmap/alternate routes?
That's all history with hands-free riding.

iPhone & iPad

Get the latest News, Events, and Deals for your favorite Resorts.
Explore your favorite Winter and Summer Recreational Areas before you visit, book directly though the App, and be guided through the VIP experience
by local Pros.

Apple TV

Unique Resort experience for the whole family,
or your college dorm.
Wanna check out your next Winter Vacation?
See latest Resort information from your hotel room? Across the Resort CCTV? Live Resort information can be displayed on several types of Smart TVs

Large Touchscreens

Large Touch display can be installed horizontally, or vertically to support children & handicapped access.
Touch screens can be placed at critical meeting points and resort hot spots.

Billboard Displays

Enterprise scale installations display critical
Resort information, latest conditions and
weather notifications.
Presents all access and amenities updates in
Real Time for all your visitors.


Big Sky
Lake Tahoe


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